Terras do Gelo

Great Dane Selfie

We are Tiago and Claudia, our first Great Dane born 20 years ago. Snow was the reason we chose Terras do Gelo (Ice land) name, in her honor. I had dogs with my parents all my life but my love for Snow was bigger then any other and we felt in love with Great Danes. With Pepsi (snow nickname) we started to go to dog shows and from the first one we understood that although the things that made us fall in love are in every Great Dane, we can have so many better things to her descendants, stronger, healthier, prettier. Who wouldn’t want all this things for our love ones?

This simple thought made us start researching the Great Dane as a breed and we made 3 generations until our champion was born, Ch Cleopatra das Terras do Gelo. We are not breeders in the proper meaning of the word, we have litters so we can keep descendants to ourselves at our own rhythm, and this rhythm had as consequence that Cleo didn’t reproduce.

Great Dane with couple

With no descendants from Cleo we decided to have another Great Dane from another breeder. This time, since we are starting from scratch, we decided to go for what is known as the breed best in terms of morphology, Fawn and Brindle, and after one year researching all around the world we finally found what we wanted, the one who will become, our Multi Champion Dafne del Sardeu.

Currently we have Dafne and Cares, and we are expanding our family soon.

A bit of our history on the wall

Great Danes Portraits

The Team

Multi Champion,

Dafne Del Sardeu


Cares del Sardeu